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Meet The Beitz Team

Danielle Beitz


From a young age I realized that the world of purchasing, be it food or other items, wasn’t as simple as it seemed. It was a moment in a grocery store, with a stack of coupons in hand, that opened my eyes to the complexities of real-world economics. Observing how coupons truly worked, I realized that my initial plan to buy supplies for a box fort with my friends would need to be reconsidered. It was a lesson in practicality that left a lasting impression.

At the age of 11 , I was determined to contribute and make a difference with family life. Unable to legally work, I chose to volunteer at a library for a year. My goal was clear: to save money and buy Christmas gifts for my family. Our mother’s tireless work ethic, even while holding multiple jobs, served as a powerful source of inspiration, making me determined to be successful and help those around me achieve comfort and happiness.
My journey also includes a deep passion for dance, which I pursued from the tender age of 4. I competed and performed throughout Canada and the United States, dedicating most of my childhood and teen years to honing my skills. My dedication to dance and determination to give my best effort in everything I did set me on a path to success and personal growth.

After transitioning from a small town to the suburbs, I thrived in the customer service industry, working for 12 years in the restaurant business. Starting as soon as I was old enough to serve, I saved my earnings and eventually moved out on my own, purchasing my first condominium. During this time, my son Brandon was born, adding a new layer of responsibility and joy to my life. In 2002 I moved to Parry Sound with my son Brandon and fell in love with the beauty of living in a small town again. A couple of years later my sweet Georgia Dee joined the family, bringing even more love and laughter into our home. For many years, I managed all aspects of a marina while continually developing strong business skills. My passion for real estate and interior decorating, coupled with my desire to work closely with people, led me to pursue a career in real estate. I embraced the opportunity and worked tirelessly to excel in all aspects of the real estate business, including marketing.

My journey has been one of continuous growth and expansion. I’m commitment to my clients and passionate with all I do. I understand that success is achieved by doing what you love and doing it well. My career in real estate fits perfectly, allowing me to help clients find investments, cottages, or homes that “fit just right.” I have had great support from my family and close friends. They have provided me with the clarity and encouragement I needed to keep moving forward. I remain dedicated to learning, growing, and gaining more knowledge to be the best real estate Broker I can be. My goal: to develop relationships, earn trust, be reliable, and get the job done.

As a full-time real estate Broker, I work very hard for my buyers and sellers, going the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction. My “office with four walls” is often secondary to my “car office” as I travel to make sure things get done. When not working in real estate, I enjoy exploring new hobbies, such as comedy, writing, and oil painting.

Two years ago, I purchased a cottage for my family. This life-changing experience has been like learning to walk again, and it has brought me immense joy and satisfaction to share this with my family and friends. Now an empty-nester, I am loving my new role of watching my children, now adults, flourish and succeed. I am so very proud of them and their accomplishments.

Ashley Deacon

Real Estate Representative & Personal Assistant

We take great pleasure in recognizing and commending Ashley for her remarkable contributions as an integral part of The Beitz Team. Ashley’s presence on our team has been nothing short of exceptional, and she continues to be a driving force behind our success. Her boundless energy, deep passion for real estate, and unwavering positivity have set a shining example for all. 

Key Contributions: 

Ashley consistently goes the extra mile in her role. Her dedication and commitment to her responsibilities are evident in the quality of her work. Whether it’s assisting clients, marketing properties, or coordinating transactions, Ashley’s dedication shines through. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of Ashley’s journey with The Beitz Team is her ability to adapt and grow. She embraces new challenges with enthusiasm and quickly masters various aspects of real estate operations. Her capacity to learn and excel has been nothing short of impressive. 

Her contributions have elevated our team to new heights, and we are excited to see her continue to shine in the world of real estate. Ashley is not just an asset; she is an inspiration, and we are fortunate to have her on our team. Thank you, Ashley, for your unwavering commitment to excellence.

Alicia Beaulieu

Stager & Personal Assistant

Alicia is the heart and soul of our real estate staging and cottage rental team at Ontario Cottage And Homes Rentals. Her unwavering dedication and versatility make her an invaluable asset to our team. As the owner of this business, I proudly call her not just a colleague but a cherished member of my family – my sister.
Alicia is a true Jill of all trades in the world of real estate and cottage rentals. Her role is multifaceted, encompassing various responsibilities that ensure the success and efficiency of our business operations.
Real Estate Staging: 
Alicia’s meticulous attention to detail and creative flair bring out the best in every property we list. She possesses an innate talent for transforming homes into captivating spaces that resonate with potential buyers. Her exceptional staging skills have significantly contributed to the success of our real estate ventures.
Cottage and Home Rentals:
Alicia plays a crucial role in managing our cottage and home rental portfolio. She expertly handles inquiries, bookings, and guest relations, ensuring that our clients have memorable and enjoyable experiences in our properties. Her dedication to maintaining the highest standards of hospitality has earned us numerous satisfied customers.
Alicia’s commitment to excellence goes beyond her job description. She consistently exceeds expectations, going above and beyond to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our clients and partners. Her unwavering dedication, meticulous eye for detail, and artistic sensibilities have been instrumental in our growth and success.
I can confidently say that I owe a significant portion of my business’s achievements to Alicia’s contributions. Her expertise, passion, and tireless efforts have been pivotal in helping us thrive in the competitive real estate and rental market. She has not only been my right hand but also my inspiration and motivation to continuously strive for excellence.
In summary, Alicia’s role in our real estate staging and cottage rental business is immeasurable. Her professionalism, dedication, and family-like bond with the team are qualities that set her apart. She is not just a valued employee but an irreplaceable part of our success story. We are truly fortunate to have her on The Beitz Team.
Thank you, Alicia, for your outstanding contributions and for being an integral part of our Ontario Cottage And Homes Rentals family

Janet Kri

Staging Assistant

We are delighted to introduce Janet, the newest addition to our dynamic team in the real estate and cottage/ home rental business. Janet brings with her a  positive energy and unwavering dedication that have already made a significant impact on our operations. Her role is instrumental in assisting with various aspects, including staging cottages and homes, as well as contributing to our cottage and home rental business. I am eagerly anticipating her further involvement in real estate as we continue to grow.

Janet plays a pivotal role in our staging process, ensuring that our properties are presented in the most appealing and marketable way. Her attention to detail and creative touch help in creating the perfect atmosphere for potential buyers and renters.

Her dedication to providing top-notch hospitality services has contributed to our clients’ satisfaction.

Janet’s positive attitude and dedication are truly a breath of fresh air within our team. Her enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile are qualities that we value greatly. Her presence has been a pleasure and her contributions are most appreciated by our team and clients alike.

As Janet continues to grow with us, we are excited about the prospect of expanding her role into the real estate sector. Her adaptability and positive approach make her an ideal candidate for embracing new challenges and further enhancing our services.

Janet is an essential part of our future success, and we are excited about the journey ahead with her on board The Beitz Team.

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